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Suroy-Suroy - Missing Filemon - Bisaya lyrics --BisRock---.mp3
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   Suroy Suroy   Missing Filemon   Bisdak   Missing Filemon
From:  SlytherinNeri  
Last update: 2013-08-31 17:41:23     File size: 5 MB
[Views: 312]

Bisrock - Chinita.mp3
Categories:   Live   Video   Music
Tags:   Live   Video   Music
From:  smAsh  
Last update: 2013-07-08 03:59:45     File size: 5 MB
[Views: 167]

Phylum- Sabot Sabot.mp3
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   phylum   sabot sabot   mp3   bisrock   bisaya rock
From:  david  
Last update: 2010-02-28 07:01:38     File size: 3 MB
[Views: 14,553]

Abscond - Agay.mp3
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   Abscond   My Peborit BisRock
From:  fiedygabs  
Last update: 2013-09-25 01:45:16     File size: 8 MB
[Views: 93]

Umaaraw Umuulan - Ellie Shade Ariño (biRt L@b).MP3
Lyk it tOo... (o_x)\m/ -fRaMe
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   live   ulan   ellie shade ariño   bisrock   birtlab   rock   band   local   ormoc   rivermaya   rico blanco
From:  jzone1225  
Last update: 2008-06-17 06:53:50     File size: 7 MB
[Views: 531]

Alamat Sa La Mesa - Ellie Shade Ariño.MP3
hehe... wLa Na nMan mGaWa c bRo.. (o_x)\m/ -fRaMe
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   la mesa   pinoy   pride   alamat   humor   funny   jokes   laugh   humorous   ellie shade   birt lab   filipino   bisaya   visaya   bisrock
From:  jzone1225  
Last update: 2008-06-17 06:45:47     File size: 555 KB
[Views: 531]

Sa Kabilang Mundo - Ellie Shade Ariño (biRt L@b).MP3
baRt L@b's ReNditiOn of Sa KaBiLanG mUnDo... hoPe yOu'LL LiKe it... (o_x)\m/ -fRaMe
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   band   rock   bisrock   birt lab   ormoc   ellie shade ariño
From:  jzone1225  
Last update: 2008-06-17 06:39:30     File size: 5 MB
[Views: 531]

Nabuang Nimo - Ellie Shade Ariño (biRt L@b).MP3
tHiS iS aN oRiGinaL cOmPositiOn of My bRotheR... Let uS heaR hiM siNg hiS heaRt Out... (o_x)\m/ -fRaMe
Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   live   birt lab   ellie shade ariño   bisrock   bisaya   crazy for you   nabuang nimo   visca   lsu   baybay
From:  jzone1225  
Last update: 2008-06-17 06:29:00     File size: 5 MB
[Views: 531]

Categories:   Music
Tags:   Music   Kantin
From:  bugoy  
Last update: 2008-02-21 22:35:47     File size: 5 MB
[Views: 531]

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